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Joyfully Solo

Are you living alone?

Are You Loving It?

Yep, sometimes it’s pretty hard being single, or solo as I like to call it, especially in this couples driven society.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact being solo can be pretty darn fantastic!

After all you have freedom – yes freedom – to do the things that only you want to do! You have the freedom to come and go as you feel like; to cook or not to cook as you desire; to go play if you want and when you want! You have the freedom to be YOU! Whoever that may be. That my friend is what the Joyfully Solo lifestyle is all about!

So enjoy the hell out of it!

Have fun with it!

Make it simple and easy!

Figure out who the heck you are – if you don’t already know…and yes there are those that don’t.

And the other thing…age matters not in the least. Oh yea, you read that right!Doesn’t matter if you are 27 or 47 or 77 or any other age…if you are Solo you are Solo! There ain’t no gettin’ around that one!

So come on in and let this wise old Soloist help you find the joy, the freedom, the fun, the laughter and the simplicity of that fantastic Joyfully Solo lifestyle!


What makes me such an expert?

And what makes me think that I know it all?

About living as a soloist that is!

Because I’ve been doing it for over 25 30 years…and loving it!

Read more about my journey and what I want for you.



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