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5 reasons why you should buy flowers for yourself


Because everyone needs a little sunshine and beauty in their lives.

Seriously though, it’s important for you to take care of you and sometimes that means doing the simplest things for yourself such as buying flowers…or any other thing of beauty you choose.

It truly is all about taking care of you and caring for yourself. Making sure you are alright – even if sometimes you might not really feel it.

Because you know what?

You truly are beautiful!

And you absolutely do deserve to have some beauty in your life and in your home!

If you truly need a reason (which I don’t think you do!) here are a few to get you going:

  1. You had a crappy day and flowers always cheer you up
  2. You had a fantastic day and you want to celebrate that
  3. They make your house smell absolutely divine
  4. They look pretty on your table (or desk, or windowsill, or nightstand, or wherever)
  5. Because…yea, just because…isn’t that reason enough?

But seriously the main reason to buy yourself flower is because you deserve them.

Because you are beautiful and you deserve to have beauty surrounding you…

And don’t ever forget that!

So go out my friend and either pick a bouquet of flowers from your garden or buy some lovely ones at the next farmers market you find yourself at.

Joyfully yours,

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