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5 tips for being safe at home

That are cheap and easy

We don’t live in the perfect world. Probably never will. Which means that, yes, there are bad people out there.

Well that is a hell of a way to start an article isn’t it?

Unfortunately, though it is very true. And because we live alone there are certain things we can do to ensure our personal safety from those bad people. These tips are all super easy, no nonsense things that should become habits if they are not already. Please do remember though that none of these are a guarantee. You see – if those really bad guys want in they will get in. But they should help deter some of the other bad guys.

So what are they?

1. Lock your doors! I know this seems pretty obvious but even I have been known to forget this one. Deadbolts are still the best to use. If you can, you might also consider one of those chain locks to use in conjunction with the deadbolt. And please don’t forget your windows. Ok, this is a tough one for me as I very much enjoy fresh air in my home. But I have some sticks I can put in my windows that will allow them to stay open just a little bit, but not be opened all the way.

2. Know your neighbors! It seems we don’t know who our neighbors are anymore which is actually quite sad. But now is the time to get out and meet them. Just go over and introduce yourself. They’ll be more likely to watch out for you since they now know you. But it is not just knowing who your neighbors are but know the activity that takes place around your home at different hours of the day. Get to know the regular cars and people that show up to your neighbors’ homes so you are aware when there are new, unknown vehicles in the area.

3. Do not fall into a specific routine! Yes, this can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are working. But there are some things you can do even if you do work. Make sure you pick up your mail every day, but consider changing the time that you do so on a regular basis. Take different routes to work if you think you might be stalked. Always know where the closest Police and Fire departments are and if necessary pull in there if you are being followed.

4. Be careful using your name! Sounds strange I know but hear me out. This is probably especially true for those of you living in large metropolitan cities with high rises. Do NOT use your first and last name. This so clearly states there is a single woman living in this apartment. Consider using your first initial with your last name. Or even better use your first and middle initials with your last name to indicate two people live there. For instance K&J Heath. Now tell me, does that sound like a single lady?Safety

5. Social Media! Please be careful what you post on there. While you may have all your various settings set to private, trust me, nothing is ever private any more. You do not need to post things that might tell someone you live alone. But most importantly do NOT post information such as when you are planning a vacation. That just lets the thieves know you won’t be around for a while. And believe me it is surprisingly easy to locate someone’s address!

As you can tell none of these suggestions are very difficult or even expensive. Some may take some time making into habits but they are pretty good habits to get into. All are common sense.

Well there is one more tip that we will just consider a bonus. You could, if your landlord allows, get a dog. Now this one is not a cheap solution and dogs do require care, feeding, walking and vet bills. All these things take time and money so please do think this one over carefully.

Do you feel safe living alone? What are some other things that you do to ensure your safety at home?


Joyfully yours,

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  1. Abbie November 18, 2014 at 4:25 am #

    great info! I agree with all of this, and helpful post
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    • Kendra November 19, 2014 at 8:09 am #

      Thank you so much Abbie!

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