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Sometimes I feel as though it has taken me forever!

You know, to figure out who the heck I am and to actually learn to live my life joyfully!

And in some ways that journey is certainly not over and in other ways I know I have made it! It just took a bit of time for me to realize that I am one of those that is considered “single-at-heart”. In fact that is a term that I have only recently heard and one that makes so much sense to me. You see years ago, actually close to 45 years ago, after my second divorce (before the age of 30) I would tell not only myself but others that I just didn’t feel as though I was “marriage material.”

Well it turns out that may I was right after all. And not only that, but I have learned that there are many others in the same group. Now how cool is that?

In all seriousness though it was a tough road. I believe, for many years, that I would still meet that “perfect someone” who would sweep me off my feet and…

  • Make Me Happy
  • Complete Me

Wow…how wrong could I have been? So wrong that eventually the whole scenario just sort of went out the window and I finally began to realize that living a solo lifestyle wasn’t all that bad.

In fact…I realized it was pretty damn good.

The thing is though is that along the way I have met many other singles. Some are much like me and love the lifestyle while others are just hanging out still waiting to meet that super special person. I know that can be terribly difficult. To be living a life you really don’t want to be in.

And I also realize that eventually these not-by-choice-singles will eventually meet that person – maybe. But doggone it…I truly believe that all of us whether a single-by-choice or a not-by-choice single should be having fun in our lives – no matter where we are at the time.

Living the solo lifestyle really can be pretty dang fun. But it isn’t just about happiness, friends and dating. No it’s also about living and your home and your hobbies and just some super common sense ways to make life a bit more fun and a heck of a lot easier. I’ve done it…and dang it I want that for you!