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20 things you are dying to know about me:

1. I am a rather young Great-Grandma!

2. Turtles – yep sort of a long story that maybe one day I’ll write about

3. My family – albeit a bit small they are extremely important and wonderful people in my life

4. Friends – they know who they are and hopefully they know how damn important they are to me and my well-being

5. Love photography – in fact the photos on my site are all mine. Ok, not as great as I would like but still love it!

6. Golf – Yep for me it is a walk chasing that silly little ball around. Will probably never be great at this game but love getting out there and having fun with

7. Hiking – got into this one a bit late in life and have now come to absolutely love it!

8. People – of all ages, races, nationalities…and the list goes on! We are all human beings with the same needs and desires.

9. Coffee – yep, just love the taste of it!

10. The ocean! It is where I feel at peace.

11. Long drives along country roads – hey you just never know what you will find

12. I don’t like crowds – maybe someday I’ll tell you why

13. Music – mostly jazz and big band swing but really just about anything

14. Long, warm summer nights. Is there anything better?

15. Wonderful rainy Sunday afternoons with a great book

16. The redwoods – yet another place I feel at peace

17. I hate cooking – but love to eat. I think this might run in my family

18. Chocolate – Um, do I need to say more

19. I hate yardwork – but love a nice looking yard

20. I am not a writer and will never pretend to be professional one. I pretty much write as I speak. I do not use and probably never will use a copywriter for this site. Nope it isn’t perfect but hey – neither am I!


Yep…I knew you would just love this list. Or maybe not. And maybe at some point in time I will add a few more items.