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Are you one that does this?

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Do you actually support the businesses you go to?

There used to be a group of people that would end up at the same place on Friday and/or Saturday evenings to dance. It was rarely planned but generally ended up with many of the same folks – which tends to happen.

It was a fun place to go even though they did not have live music. The DJ was great in that he would play our CDs and would also look for music he thought we might enjoy. Oh and when we first started going there they would put out free coffee and sandwiches around midnight for us. But that eventually ended.

There were at least two of the couples that would never purchase anything. In fact I recall that they even would take their own water with them.

Well this place was going through some financial difficulties and talked about instituting a cover charge…which absolutely infuriated the two couples that brought their water. Now I’m not saying that had they purchased something the place would not have closed as they did have some other issues.  But I do think it is rude to not purchase something when you go to a place of business such as a restaurant or bar.

You see they have overhead to pay. They have to pay their lease or mortgage, insurance (of all types), all the food and drinks must be paid for, all of the various supplies and of course the employees must be paid. And last but not least they need to pay the bands that play the music that we dance to!

So why do I bring this up? Because recently a number of my friends have been going out dancing. I have not gone. Why? Because I am currently unemployed and do not have the extra cash to spend.  Well several people have indicated to me that it was not expensive. After all these places do not have a cover charge and you don’t have to purchase anything as you can just order water.

Oh I know…others are eating and drinking so there is certainly no problem.



What if everyone decided they were just going to drink water or coffee?

I wonder what these people will say when these places institute a cover charge or if they shut their doors due to financial issues.

You see these are businesses. They are in the business to make money. Sure they want to provide their customers a wonderful, fun experience but they also need to make their payments. Please folks, respect the businesses that you go to and understand that they are actually a business. In other words support them!

Yes, this has been a rant and one that I believe very strongly about. I make no apologies nor will I. I have seen some wonderful businesses fail due to lack of support and I truly do not want to see that happen anymore. Again these are only my thoughts and my feelings…

I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Are you one that feels it is fine to go to a restaurant or other establishment such as that and not order anything?


Joyfully yours,

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2 Responses to Are you one that does this?

  1. Jenni January 9, 2016 at 7:37 pm #

    I agree, especially when it’s a small, locally-owned business. It’s so important to support those in this age of big box stores and restaurant chains.

    • Kendra January 10, 2016 at 7:51 am #

      Oh you are so right Jenni, it is so important to support local businesses. If we don’t then all we will end up with are the chains and big box stores. And I don’t think anyone truly wants that to happen.

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