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Can we please call it what it is



July 4th my friend is a date!

It is not a holiday.

Yes, I know that sometimes I can be a nitpicker. I’m not denying it. Some things just bug me while others sort of get a pass.

And for some reason this year this one just bugs the hell out of me.

There is no other holiday that I can think of that we use the date for. Even though some holidays fall on a specific date. Such as Christmas. Do you ever hear someone say “Have a happy December 25th”? No, I’ll bet you don’t. Because December 25th is just a friggin date.

Just as July 4th is just a date…and nothing more.

And I truly believe that because we tend to call it the 4th of July holiday it has lost quite a bit of it’s true meaning.

People (of the US that is is) you do remember what the hell it is that we are celebrating don’t you?

It is our…Independence Day!

That my friend is the holiday!

You see…the holiday Independence Day falls on the date July 4

Can we now please get back to calling our holidays what they really are? Perhaps then people will remember the reason we are taking a day off work and barbecuing, and being with friends and family.

Happy Independence Day to my friends in the US.  When you are out enjoying your day please try to remember those that have fought so hard to not only obtain our freedom but those that have fought throughout the years to maintain that freedom and independence we all cherish.

Joyfully yours,

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