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I'm not single. I just love my freedom

Satisfied Staying Single…

  Yep there really is a Satisfied Staying Single Day  I mean who knew? But I guess really there is a day for just about everything. So I have decided that is my new favorite day. Why? Because not only am I satisfied with being single…I actually love being single! Below is a write up […]

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How to Tell if You Are Not Perfect

  I’m not perfect…and I know I’m not! How do I know? Because recently a friend emailed me to pretty much let me know that I’m not perfect. I’m going to just give her the name of Zelda – just because I don’t know any Zelda’s. Well she and I had been emailing back and […]

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Why is it important to have the phone in your face?

Have you ever wondered what you look like with that phone in your face? Or how much of life you lose when you sit there looking at your damn phone? Seriously I see so many people out to dinner with others, walking down the street, or sitting around with friends where they have their face […]

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Friends of friends…

  Only means more friends for you! And who the heck doesn’t want more friends? But there is one area in which I actually believe women (and probably a few men as well) are really dropping the ball. Many years ago I had lunch with a guy…ok, so it was sort of a blind date. […]

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When friends go from Great to Bad

Life really is sort of crazy at times. Well isn’t it? I mean things…and people…change. And hey sometimes it is even you that might be the one that changes. But in this respect I’m talking about friends! Which are cruicial to a Joyfully Solo life! It’s true…they really are. But dang it…sometimes you meet just […]

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Friends are the backbone of the solo life

Do your friends stand by you? No matter what? We all do stupid things Well don’t we? (please don’t tell me I’m the only one!) Of course we have. Or at least things that we think are pretty stupid. Who knows…maybe they really are. Or maybe, just maybe they really aren’t that stupid but we […]

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How to enjoy Valentine's Day when you are solo

How to enjoy Valentine’s day when you are solo

  Because Valentine’s day ain’t just for lovers Just read a beautiful post by Grace called “Valentine’s Day Ideas for the 5 Love Languages”. Really a lovely post don’t you think? And it would be even more special and interesting if you were to be in some sort of wonderful, loving relationship. And everyone seems […]

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Want a good life? Have great friends

Life isn’t perfect… Oh far from it. But I’m guessing you already know that. Well don’t you? We all have days…or weeks…or even months that might feel that life itself is pretty crappy. And you know what…during those times you are probably very correct. Now I’m going to be honest with you here…because you see […]

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Online friends are great

There is something interesting – almost empowering – going on at least in my life. Ok, ok, so I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Not much on other social media but I’m going to venture to guess that it is pretty much the same. Turns out that I have a lot of “friends” […]

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we dont stop playing because we grow old

Playing Games can be healthy for you

Isn’t it time you started to play again? And no I’m not talking the “adult” kind of play where you go out dancing or wine tasting or any of that other “adult” fun stuff. Hey…not saying that isn’t a bad thing. Nope, not at all. In fact I like doing that stuff…but not all the […]

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