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Perfection is Highly Overrated.

Do your friends drive you crazy?

Mine do…sometimes! It’s true…sometimes my friends bug the heck out of me! There I said it! But that sure as heck doesn’t mean I don’t love them or care about them. Oh no it doesn’t. I do love my friends and they are such a huge part of my life. But come on let’s be […]

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We’re all in it for different reasons

What are your reasons? Take hiking for instance. I started doing this only about three years ago. Well actually started off just walking. You see I had been a total couch potato for most of my life. Was never good at sports and frankly walking and such bored the crap out of me. I knew […]

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simple and fun ways to move that body

Five fun ways to get your body moving

I mean sometimes you just don’t friggin’ feel like it! Face it we all have those days or weeks. Maybe you just aren’t feeling like yourself, or you are down in the dumps. Or you just haven’t exercised in a long time for whatever reason and know that summer is fast approaching. Or it could […]

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Get out of your comfort zone…

Discover a new hobby! Most of us have a hobby of one type or another. Whether you think of it as a hobby or not is a different matter. Maybe you just think of it as something you enjoy doing. But…that my friend…is exactly what a hobby truly is. A hobby is a regular activity […]

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Are you like this?

“i love living vicariously through you – …. i don’t have the energy to do all the fun stuff you do” A friend of mine posted this in response to another friend’s photo on Facebook in which she was out partying with some friends. The thing is though, was that she was oh so very […]

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Yea, we have all heard about wing men. Well haven’t we? You know the guys that help their buddies meet the really beautiful women in the night clubs! Yea, them! LOL…I have a friend (whom I adore by the way) who recently offered to be my “Wingwoman”. First I have to say that I so […]

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Toxic People be damned!

I just won’t deal with him any more. But…I did it all wrong! As with anyone else there are many different aspects about me. For instance: I love to play I love to have fun I love to have good people around me I can be a bit on the serious side I can be […]

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We all need help!

And we all need to help! Why, I wonder (very often in fact) do people ask for help but then… 1. Don’t listen to a word you say or tell them. I have a friend that is constantly asking for help with her numerous computer problems. Ok, I admit it…I am a bit of a […]

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When is a date not a date?

When it is just friends! I was talking with a gentleman the other night and had a lovely conversation. About many things actually. But one thing we talked about was the fact that even at the age we are much of what takes place in our lives makes us feel we are right back in […]

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12 Ways to keep your cool

In the heat of the summer Summer is upon us (ok, for the Northern Hemisphere this is true) and there are going to be those times that it is like really super duper hot. So how do you stay cool in those times? I mean seriously what can you do to stay cool and in […]

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