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13 things every single woman needs

Do you know what every single female needs?

There are actually 13 things that every single female should have. Sure shelter and food are absolute necessities but…there are a few other things that every woman (and man) living the solo lifestyle must have…no matter your age. I’m not talking here about things we should know or should have learned. No…I’m talking about “things” […]

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How to enjoy Valentine's Day when you are solo

How to enjoy Valentine’s day when you are solo

  Because Valentine’s day ain’t just for lovers Just read a beautiful post by Grace called “Valentine’s Day Ideas for the 5 Love Languages”. Really a lovely post don’t you think? And it would be even more special and interesting if you were to be in some sort of wonderful, loving relationship. And everyone seems […]

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Art so good for your emotions

How to Inspire Your Heart With Art

Did you know that “Inspire Your Heart With Art” is an actual day to celebrate? And it is always on January 31st. Why that is, well honestly I don’t know…but it is. In fact, apparently no one really knows the history behind this day. But it sort of sounds like and interesting and a fun day […]

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Think left and think right

Today is the day to start learning something new

  Actually any day is a great day to start to learn new things! But why should you? Well when you learn new things you are expanding your whole world and helping to get your creative juices flowing. Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Seriously though most of us at one time or another have said […]

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it’s not always necessary to follow the trends

Do you need to follow the trends to your creativity

So what is it with trends that we all try to follow? You know each year Pantone puts out their “annual colors” and we are all supposed to just love, love, love them. Until the following year when then put out that year’s colors. And for a while everyone just had to have stainless steel […]

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a-little-foray-into-the-creative parts of our lives is always a good thing

Get the perfection out of your creative pursuits

Did you know that January is “Creative Month”? Well it is other things as well but I rather liked this one. I mean really…isn’t having a creative month better than oatmeal month? Yea I think so too. But what does it mean to be creative? There are, I learned, many definitions of “creativity” such as […]

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Now is the time to learn something new

Well in reality it is always time to learn something new… But as the new year starts so do all the resolutions (made, spoken or otherwise) and all the commitments start…yet once again. We tend to do this every single year. In fact the local gyms know this very well as they have a huge […]

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How to treat him like a king and why you should

Why don’t we treat them like they are King? After all…many men (no not most) treat us as the Queens we believe we are. If you are on Facebook you might have recently seen this one going around.   “Men too, deserve to be spoiled. Told they are handsome, told their efforts are appreciated and should […]

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It's a new year

Is the new year going to be better than the old?

A new year is going to start again very soon… Is the new year going to be better for you than the last year was? With each new year many people tend to look back on the old one and reflect on how it went. I’m sure many of us are doing that now regarding […]

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Blowing Bubbles

5 super quick and cheap ways to deal with stress

Stress is a huge killer. Actually in more ways than one. You see stress can actually do some pretty terrible things to your body – sometimes even without your full knowledge. But stress can also do some other stuff. Stuff like making you: not want to do things not want to get out with friends […]

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