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New Year’s Resolutions – how are you doing with them?

We are now a week into the new year of 2018…did you keep your resolutions? Believe it or not most people who make a New Year’s resolution really only keep it for about a month. I’m not sure how or when all that New Year’s resolution stuff got started but honestly I think it sort […]

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Happy Anniversary to ME

Twenty-nine years! Yes, it was 29 years ago on this date (December 3) that I truly became single! For the twelve or so years prior to that I had considered myself to be single. But little did I realize the difference a day could make! You see I was a single parent which meant that […]

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Marriage is NOT for everyone but neither is Singlehood

  Marriage is great for some people but certainly not for everyone. Are we not all individuals? With different needs, different desires, different lives and lifestyles. The truth of the matter is that while in many respects we are very much the same as everyone else we are also extremely different. And I feel most […]

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sonoma strong

Lessons Learned While Not Being Evacuated

  It’s a strange situation to be in really…not being evacuated. When in fact so many people you know and care about have had to leave their homes, some at a minutes notice. And others that you know or have heard about have lost their homes. While I am talking about the recent, and ongoing, […]

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Decision Making Can be Hard When You Are Single

  Many of those individuals just coming into the solo lifestyle either through death or divorce might find it a bit cumbersome, lonely and sometimes quite challenging. After all there is nothing more difficult (well, there probably is) than losing someone that you used to stand beside to make major decisions such as should you […]

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What is the Formula For Self-Care?

Is there actually a formula for self-care? Well it might not be a formula at all! According to several different websites and dictionaries… Self-care includes any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. For many people self-care is that long luxurious bubble bath with candles, soft music and a […]

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The One Question Single People Hate Hearing

People, those both close to us as well as those we barely even know have been known to ask this question that most single people hate! I have always been comfortable being single, though admittedly early on (as in very, very early on) I was one of those that felt as though I should remarry […]

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Happy Singles Week

  Yes there truly is such a thing as Singles Week. Which by the way is always the third week in September. Heck there is Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day and all sort of other great “days” and or weeks. But why should there be a singles week? Because the single population in America […]

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These Small Changes can Make Your Life Better

It is true that these changes, however small they may be, can certainly change your life for the better. But…what is better? My answer to that question is quite simple. A better life is one in which I feel more content, more free, more fun, and more joy. But how does one accomplish all those […]

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How to Destress in this Time of Conflict

It is a time of conflict in our nation, and world, right now. And so many of us have become stressed, angry, fearfull and just plain sad. To the point in fact of feeling actual physical pain. Man, I get that. I truly do as I have felt the same thing. Being stressed, being angry […]

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