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It's really important to get to know your neighbrs - learn why.

Why Single People Need To Be Good Neighbors

It really is important for us to be good neighbors. But what does that really mean? The conversation took a turn to, what else, being single and living alone. But it was not necessarily the good stuff about living joyfully solo. It was one of those conversations about what happens if you fall and hurt […]

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why you need to stop wearing shoes inside

Why you need to stop wearing shoes inside

Seriously are you still wearing your shoes once you get home and inside the house? Why? There are some great reasons why you should not do so. For instance the number of bacteria on the bottom of our shoes is really super gross. Did you know that an average of 421,000 bacteria is not uncommon […]

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13 things every single woman needs

Do you know what every single female needs?

There are actually 13 things that every single female should have. Sure shelter and food are absolute necessities but…there are a few other things that every woman (and man) living the solo lifestyle must have…no matter your age. I’m not talking here about things we should know or should have learned. No…I’m talking about “things” […]

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How to love your bathroom space when living solo

Why is it no one ever wants to talk about the bathroom? After all it is one (just one of many reasons) of the biggest reasons I love my solo life. And these are just a few of examples why: The toilet seat is always down! As in exactly where it should be. In other […]

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youve got to wake up every morning with determination

Should you make your bed every day?

I’m sure if you are anything like many of us your mother always told you to “make your bed”. And so we did…when we were kids. But what about now? Do you make your bed every day? There are in fact reasons why… You should And Why you shouldn’t The reason you should not make […]

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Organizing-is-really-fairly easy

These 5 easy tips will get you started organizing

Trust me these are super easy tips to keep your organizing easy! Oh hey…you know it is still January…which means it is still “Get Organized Month”. So let’s get organizing! So have you ever looked for organizing ideas and all anyone wants to do is sell, sell, sell you their wonderful catch all thingys?  Yea, […]

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Organizing is what you do

How to organize a small space the easy way

Small space organizing or it could be small project organizing! Yes it is still “Get Organized Month”. Hey that wasn’t my choice…it was on the calendar! A huge part of getting organized though is all about de-cluttering. As I mentioned previously  de-cluttering is the “thing’ these days. But there are those that are super duper […]

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How to de-clutter one small step at a time

It’s easy to declutter if you start small. Yep de-cluttering your living space and decluttering your mind. Many people in this movement take the decluttering of your living space very seriously and take it down to a bare minimum. Hey that’s fine. In fact it’s pretty cool. For them that is!  While I totally believe […]

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What to buy in October

Wow…can’t believe it is already October! Where did the summer go? But hey, this month can be a pretty good one. After all not only do we have Halloween but it is alsom Breast Cancer Awareness months, computer Learning month, and the two most important ones it is Cookie Month and National Popcorn Popping Month. […]

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new living space

My New Living Space

Well it only took two of us (as in two women over 60) to paint my front porch! But dang does it ever look good! You see I get the hot afternoon sun since I face to the west. Everything was getting faded and looking pretty yuchy. And yes…the front porch is a living space. […]

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