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Get more wine!

Why? Well because it is September. I mean what better reason than that? Okay, let’s get serious here at least for just a moment. Each month and each season of the year actually has things that you want to purchase during that month. Why? Because that is when the deals are for those particular items. […]

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Art enables us

Why you should have art in your home

So I recently wrote about making your home your sanctuary. Did you read it? I know that I am going against the current grain in my thinking as the current fad right now is to “declutter” and clear everything out. Ok, so I understand what and why these “declutter gurus” are saying to do this […]

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Wine zone

Mini Mes

Mini Meatloaves that is… I went to dinner with a friend the other night who ordered meatloaf. Not too sure why we started talking about meatloaf but yes, that is pretty much where the conversation took us. I must admit that we have certainly had better conversations but hey one never knows where discussions may […]

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your home is your sanctuary

How to make your home your sanctuary

And why you should You know part of being in the solo lifestyle is living alone…in your own place. Doesn’t matter if it is a huge 5 bedroom single family home, a 2 bedroom apartment or one of those new super cute tiny homes. Nor does it really matter if you own your own place […]

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I found the secret to cooking for one…

And I’m here to share it with you! Of course if you have read much of my stuff either on here or my Facebook page you will know how much I absolutely hate cooking! Especially for one person! It is almost as painful as having five teeth pulled or having a baby…or any number of […]

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Get some cute things from my store

How to color our world fun!

And why it’s important to do so! People – you know like me – are always telling other people –you know like you – how to be happy and how to love your life and blah, blah, blah. But there really is something to at least taking care of ourselves. Of learning to be happy […]

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I can see clearly now

I can see clearly now…

Sort feels like Spring…and yet I know that it isn’t…yet! And yes, I know a lot of folks would disagree with that statement. I happen to live in beautiful Northern California where we are having beautiful weather that feels very much like Spring. The problem with that though is that we are having extreme drought […]

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Popcorn…the solo’s staple!

A new feature that I’m starting…and of course hope you like…will be “Tipsy Tuesdays”. Actually I would love a better name for it so if any of my creative friends out there want to help me out with…hey I would so appreciate it. Anyway here is where I provide some tips to help make life, […]

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5 tips for being safe at home

That are cheap and easy We don’t live in the perfect world. Probably never will. Which means that, yes, there are bad people out there. Well that is a hell of a way to start an article isn’t it? Unfortunately, though it is very true. And because we live alone there are certain things we […]

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Laundry – do you hate it?

Honestly…I don’t! Today is one of those days that I’m sticking around the house. Not necessarily because I want to but because I have things that I have been putting off doing. Yea, that’s pretty much how I live. So I just threw a load of laundry into the machine which I have done countless […]

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