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When did you celebrate your personal independence?

I am free

We are coming up on a holiday weekend…

at least here in the US as our country celebrates Independence Day!

July 4th is generally a day in which families and friends get together for barbeques and to watch fireworks. So many people though look at this day as a holiday from work. Which of course it is. But it is so much more. It is the celebration of a free, independent country.

We are not the only country that celebrates their freedom…many around the world do so.

Why is that?

Because independence and freedom is certainly something to celebrate! In fact it is pretty damn huge.

You see independence changes everything! It changes the way people live, and work and play and can even change how people think.

So when was the last time you celebrated your independence?

Your personal independence that is? Whether newly solo or long time solo your freedom and independence is that one thing that can and should be celebrated.

So…I again ask…when was the last time you celebrated your independence? Maybe it’s time to set aside a specific day for that in which you celebrate you and your freedom. Heck it could be any day you want…just make sure that it is your day and your day alone! Do something special for yourself (more than the normal special you already do!) and truly celebrate your freedom and your independence. Because after all, that is what being Joyfully Solo is all about!


Joyfully yours,

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