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Decision Making Can be Hard When You Are Single

don't be afraid of decisions you have to make


Many of those individuals just coming into the solo lifestyle either through death or divorce might find it a bit cumbersome, lonely and sometimes quite challenging.

After all there is nothing more difficult (well, there probably is) than losing someone that you used to stand beside to make major decisions such as should you purchase a house; should you have children; should you purchase a new car and down to the mundane decisions of every day life like what do you want to eat; what movie should we watch and o so many others.

Now I admit that I have never really gone through that. The two marriages I had in my much younger days were, in fact, my choices to end. Neither of them had been much of a partner or compromise type of situations so the singleness of that time just didn’t hit me very hard.

That isn’t to say that it didn’t scare the daylights out of me – especially since I did have a young child to care for. But to be honest I had already been making those substantial life decisions.

I admit though that even with all that it did take me some time to truly feel comfortable being single.

However, over the ensuing years I become quite comfortable being solo and in fact embrace it every single day.

In fact I rarely think about having any type of life partner. It just isn’t for me. So through my years of solohood I have had to make all of my own decisions – for better or worse.

Just the other day I had to laugh at myself when I realized I wanted someone beside me make a decision for me!

Yep – it was true.

I wanted someone…damnit anyone would have helped. I had a decision to make and for some reason I was having a great deal of difficulty making that decision. I just couldn’t do. I went around and around and around with myself about the various different possibilities and I do have to say there were many.

Perhaps that was the problem.

There were too many choices.

I tried to narrow those choices down.

But that still didn’t help!

I still could not make that final decision. As I had been driving around town trying to decide I finally pulled over to really think this thing out. I needed to make this final decision and I needed to make it right then and there!

Oh my…it would have been so much easier to have someone – anyone – there with me to help me out!

But there wasn’t. Nope, I was totally alone in this one. It was my choice and my choice alone.

And finally…

It happened!

I knew exactly what to do. The decision was final!

And once again I did it alone!

I knew…oh yes I did.

Sometimes it is the smallest of things that make us wonder if we are in the right life for ourselves. Going through some tough decision no matter how small or large can certainly be one of those times. It can be especially difficult when one is living the solo life

Just remember though that whatever decision you end up making is going to be the right one for you at that time!

True, sometimes those hard decisions end up not necessarily being the right ones but just remember – at the time you made that decision it was indeed the right one for you and only you!

You can do it – you can make those tough decisions by yourself. It might take longer for you to realize what it is you want but in the long run knowing you did it is going to make it perfect.

As for my decision –  my dinner was perfect!

Joyfully yours,




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