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Do you have a safety buddy?


Well do you? Have a safety buddy that is?

A safety buddy is someone that all those living solo – especially if retired or not working a regular schedule – should absolutely have.

The nice thing about that is that a safety buddy is absolutely free! My kind of pricing.

First of all who the heck needs a Safety Buddy?

Basically anyone that lives alone needs one. And even more important are those of us that live alone and are retired, unemployed or are solopreneurs.

In other words any of us that don’t have a specific place to go every single day…as in a job.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got sick or fell and hurt yourself? And you were not scheduled to be someplace specific. Yea, like who would miss you? Who would check to make sure you were alright?

Yea…good question huh?

But an important one for those of us in the solo lifestyle.

But what the hell is a safety buddy?

Yep, I know you are asking that right now…this very minute.

First off it is a friend…but truly so much more than that.

Before jumping in with this make sure that this person is first, someone you totally trust, someone who is not really a flake (yes we all have those friends, don’t we), and someone that is also a person that is in a similar situation as you.

Once you have figured out someone you think might be a good safety buddy for you then it is time to actually talk to that person. As in a serious discussion.

Now here is the reason you really want to choose someone that you totally trust. Once you have both agreed to this you will exchange personal information. What kind of information should you exchange?

  1. Full name, address, phone number (ok, they probably already have that)
  2. Emergency contact information. This includes name and how to contact the person. This should be one of your children, a sibling or whoever you want. Hopefully that person has your medical power of attorney.
  3. Insurance Information. This person may well be the first contact for emergency personnel so the more information they have for you the better.
  4. Medical Information. What medications are you taking? Do you have any major medical issues that emergency medical personnel should know?
  5. Physician Name. Again you might need to be contacting this individual on your friend’s behalf.
  6. Lastly, the person should either have a key to your home or know where you keep an extra one in case they ever need to get in.

Cool…you got your Safety Buddy and you have exchanged your personal information.

But now what?

Well now you talk. You figure out how you want this to work.

For instance my safety buddy and I email each other every morning…no matter what. The way we have it set up and that works for us is this:

  1. Email to the other (or respond to their email) no later than 9:00 a.m.
  2. If no email is received by 9:00 a.m. we are to call – as in an actual phone call.
  3. If there is no answer to the phone call we can presume that perhaps something has happened. At that point we sort of need to determine what to do.
    a. Go over to the other person’s home and make sure they are alright; or
    b. Contact the police to have them do a welfare check

I think the most important thing is to figure out a time that works for you. If you are a late sleeper then the 9:00 a.m. deadline just might not work for you. That is just something you need to work out with your own Safety Buddy. But it must be workable for both of you.

There also might be times when one of you has had a really full day and a late night. If you know that is going to be the case in advance let your buddy know so they don’t worry if you are late getting up. Or if you find yourself going to bed very late just send a quick email saying that is what you are doing.

What I have found somewhat interesting with my Safety buddy is that there have been many times in which our morning emails got crossed “in the mail” as we tend to get up at just about the same time.

The other interesting thing is that she and I have actually become very close friends. You see, initially she and I were actually just acquaintances. We never really socialized much and in fact still don’t. We both have our own set of friends and actually have extremely different lives in what we enjoy doing.

Those morning emails though, have become much more than just “hey I’m up and ok”. They are the story of our lives…at least for the past four years. We have both gone through some bad personal times, we have both had issues with our grown sons and we have both had car and other issues. But we are a constant in each others life.

In fact every once in a while there just might be more than just the morning email. There have been other emails that have taken place to tell the other person something that just took place or, well whatever. And some of these can actually be pretty mundane things. What I realized about this is that the Safety Buddy can also end up being that person (you know the one that those of us live solo don’t have) that asks you “so how was your day?”

Is she my best friend? No, I don’t think I could call her that. But I most certainly would consider her a very important friend.

I’m not sure that I would choose an individual that you are best friends with. After all, best friends do end up having disagreements once in a while. I’m also not sure that I would choose someone that you socialize a lot with.

And you know, even if you have a significant other (that does not live with you) I would still recommend a safety buddy. Why? Because for one thing who the heck knows how long that SO will be around? Or what if that person is not quite the person you thought s/he was and ends up doing some really bad shit to you? Yea, just a few things to think about.

I truly believe that having a safety buddy is paramount to a joyfully solo life. It is so important that someone actually knows you are alive and well, especially if you do not have a life in which you ‘must’ be someplace every day at the same time. In other words…

Only your safety buddy is going to know if you are not around that particular day.

And honestly it truly doesn’t matter your age when it comes to having a safety buddy. Hell any one of us can fall down and hurt ourselves…that is not an age thing. Though it does tend to happen more often as we age.

But then there are those really weird things such as perhaps a heart attack. And yes, even if you are younger these are things you should think about. A gal I know had a heart attack at 53! And they have been known to happen even younger than that.

So if you live solo, especially if you don’t work for whatever reason, or if you are solo and are a solopreneur…have you considered joining up with someone to be safety buddies? Do you think a safety buddy is a good idea? Let me know. I love to hear your comments.

Joyfully yours,

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