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Do you need to follow the trends to your creativity

it’s not always necessary to follow the trends

So what is it with trends that we all try to follow?

You know each year Pantone puts out their “annual colors” and we are all supposed to just love, love, love them. Until the following year when then put out that year’s colors.

And for a while everyone just had to have stainless steel in their kitchen because…well because that is what the designers said we should have.

And then of course there are the hair and clothing trends that change every six months or so. Ha, in this area I have always been at least 2 years behind everything…pretty much all my life.

Hey I’m not saying trends are bad or that you shouldn’t follow them.

But what I do believe is that you should follow them only if it is something you truly like.

And that is especially true when it comes to your creativity.

Let’s say you are a painter and abstract painting is the “in” thing for the year…but you can’t stand abstract? Well then don’t paint abstract because I will guarantee that there will be others out there that don’t like it either.  The only true way to make art is by doing what you love and not necessarily going by the trends.

I absolutely love photography…not that I’m all that great at it (oh you can see my post about it here). But there has been a trend lately of people really doing some interesting things to their photos by way of photoshop (or other programs). But not me. Why? Because I truly believe that a photograph (nature ones anyway) are about as perfect as they can be without being photoshopped. After all it is nature and nature is not perfect and it is what the photographer saw and wants you to see.

But knowing what the trends are I think is also important.

After all you could end up like me being 2 to 3 years behind the trends.

And you know what?

That is perfectly okay!

I would also say to you though to maybe try and get out of your comfort zone just a bit and try the new trend.  Just by trying it certainly doesn’t mean that you are giving up on what you truly love. It just means that you are branching out and trying new things…and opening up your creative juices just a bit.

And the funny thing is…you may find that you actually like the new trendy thing you are trying. Hey who knows…it could happen.

I know you can do this…get out of your comfort zone and try something creatively new. Whether it is in the artistic realm of things or just in your personal life.

Joyfully yours

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