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When friends go from Great to Bad


Life really is sort of crazy at times.

Well isn’t it?

I mean things…and people…change. And hey sometimes it is even you that might be the one that changes.

But in this respect I’m talking about friends!

Which are cruicial to a Joyfully Solo life!

It’s true…they really are.

But dang it…sometimes you meet just the right people and sometimes you don’t.
And sometimes you meet people that you think are truly going to be fantastic friends.


Oh yea…after a period of time you realize that they are actually a bit difficult for you to put up with. Now…that is not to say they aren’t wonderful people.


It is to say that sometimes the quirks that others have are easy to put up with for a little while but that they might tend to get on ones nerves after a while. And sure it could be them and their quirks or it could even be you changing and growing…as we all do.

It has been said that we change our friends every 7 years. While I’m not necessarily going along with that I do believe it is perfectly alright to change your friends when necessary.

That person may have had those quirks (don’t you just love that word?) all along but for some reason they may have really started to bug the hell out of you. Or it could be that those quirks really have gotten worse and it isn’t just you.

One of the harder aspects of letting friends go is when they are also other friends friends. Wow now that was a sentence wasn’t it? But you know what I mean. There is a group of friends that for the most part get along well. But the one that is bugging the hell out of you is part of that group. You don’t want to lose all of those other friends but you are finding it more and more difficult to be with that “one”.

Trust me…we have all been there and yes, it is a pretty difficult situation to find yourself in.

Sometimes it is best to just limit the amount of time spent with that group. Or perhaps do more one on one things with some of the others in the group.

And maybe, just maybe it is time to head out and meet some new folks. But that sure as hell doesn’t mean that you need to leave all of the others behind.

Make sure that you keep your other friends close by…because you see having some really good, wonderful friends is so damn crucial to a really great Joyfully Solo life!

Joyfully yours,

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