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Gift giving is for any time of the year


I mean really…why keep gift giving to just one or two certain times of the year?

Sure Mother’s Day is just right around the corner as in May 8th.

But hey so are birthdays, anniversaries, dolphin day (April 14), or Mother Goose Day (May 1st) and oh so many other great reasons to give gifts…

Either to family members, friends or even yourself!

And have I found a few perfect gifts to give yourself, your mother, friend or whomever.

I truly believe the adult coloring trend is here to stay…at least I think it is.

And well it should be!

After all, not only are some of the coloring books and other items truly beautiful, it has been found that sitting and coloring is a very calming – almost meditative – activity. And, in fact, helps get rid of some that stress we all carry around with us.

Wouldn’t a really cool coloring book or poster be a totally fun Mother’s Day gift? Or birthday gift? Or a just because gift?

Or just a gift to yourself? Hey we all deserve to do that once in while…well don’t we?

And I found these just today that I think are really pretty cool…

Now before we go any further I do have to tell you that this is an affiliate link. Yea, so what does that mean? Well it means that if you click the link and you actually purchase something…well I will receive a commission on that. Pretty cool huh? But to be honest it is not huge…maybe, just maybe enough to have a glass of wine!

But even without that link I would think these are pretty cool…

I love these coloring posters! Don’t you?

Hey, don’t forget the colored pencils! (yep crayons are out!) and yes…another affiliate link! 

Well ok, since we are talking about Mother’s Day, birthdays and other types of gifts how about giving the gift of learning? I love this site and have taken several courses through it. And man alive…do they ever have a variety of things you can learn about. And isn’t that pretty cool?


Because doesn’t everyone enjoy learning new things once in a while? Or, heck, just going back and re-energizing things one already knows about?Udemy Generic 125x125

So yea…another super great gift idea here at Udemy…which by the way is also another affiliate link. Which if you click and purchase could buy me yet another glass of wine! Whoohoo!!!

Well there you have it. At least two super cool gift giving ideas for Mothers Day, Dolphin Day, Mother Goose Day, a birthday or for any other dang reason you feel like!

What do you think? Aren’t these some pretty cool gift ideas? Let me know what you think…I love to hear from you.

Joyfully yours,

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