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How to de-clutter one small step at a time


It’s easy to declutter if you start small.

Yep de-cluttering your living space and decluttering your mind. Many people in this movement take the decluttering of your living space very seriously and take it down to a bare minimum.

Hey that’s fine. In fact it’s pretty cool. For them that is!  While I totally believe in decluttering I think you have to be very mindful of who you are…and how is it going to impact you!

Yep…we all somehow accumulate a lot of “stuff”. Stuff that at the time we felt to be very important to our lives. But over the years that stuff may have been put away in a box never to be seen again. So really…how important was that thing?

Have you ever looked in “that” box and wondered why the hell you kept something? Oh yea…been there and done that many times.

The task of decluttering can be pretty daunting to say the least. But you know, it really doesn’t have to be. No one ever said you had to spend an entire weekend going through the entire house decluttering. Nope, I’ve never heard anyone say that. Seriously, have you?

But if not an entire weekend then how long? Well that actually depends upon you!

Yep, giving you a bit of a choice here.

Some articles I’ve read suggest taking 15 minutes a day. While others I have read suggest doing one section of a room at a time. Perhaps a closet or a junk drawer. Sure that could take longer than 15 minutes so how you do it is truly up to you.

And the honest truth about all this decluttering stuff is that it really isn’t all that difficult. It sounds like it would be but it isn’t.

I say start with something easy. I mean super easy…like a sock drawer! I tend to get lazy sometimes and don’t match up my socks after doing the laundry. Yea, yea…I know! Well the other day I realized that I needed to clean that drawer out. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Dumped the entire drawer out onto my bed
  2. Tossed out all socks with holes (ok, so only really big holes)
  3. Matched up all socks that I could find a partner for (where do the rest go anyway???)
  4. Put the matched up ones back in the drawer
  5. Yes I was left with many unmatched socks! So what to do with them?
  6. Actually they make really good cleaning cloths. Just put it over your hand and there you go.
  7. Carrying a bottle (wine perhaps?) to a picnic? Wrap it in a sock to keep it from breaking
  8. They make great ice pack (put ice in a baggie then put that into your sock)
  9. Line doorjambs and windowsills with rice-filled socks to keep the cold from entering your home and the house’s heat from escaping.
  10. Use your old tube socks to pad your knees while gardening. Just cut off the toe sections and pull the socks up around your knees. Fold it over once or twice to get some extra padding.
  11. Make a massager using tennis balls and a sock.
  12. And of course one could always make a sock puppet! No they are not just for kids! Here are two places that show how to make fun sock puppets:

Legend and Lore

Hand Made Charlotte 

Now see how easy that was to clean out the sock drawer?

But I did read another website about organizing socks which was sort of fun…are there really such things as “fun” things about socks? Yep…there are. Unfortunately I cannot locate the website again so cannot provide a link.

But this gal whose post I read said that she went out and purchased just two kinds of socks. Each kind was a specific color so let’s say she purchased white and black. All socks she purchased were exactly the same…such as 20 pairs of the same white socks and 20 pairs of the same black socks. She then just tossed them all into her drawer without bothering to match, fold or roll.  Ummm, that does sound pretty logical unless you are someone who likes to wear those fun socks!

Doing just one area at a time or doing just 15 minutes at a time can make all the difference in your decluttering.

Oh and by the way…did you know that besides being Creativity Month, January is also Get Organized Month!

So what about you? Are you ready to tackle some decluttering around your place? Let me know what worked for you? I love to hear your stories!

Joyfully yours,




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4 Responses to How to de-clutter one small step at a time

  1. Keyon January 7, 2016 at 2:55 pm #

    Great read and suggestions! This is one area that I reeeeeally struggle with! Maybe it’s something I will master in my next life! 😉

    • Kendra January 7, 2016 at 3:44 pm #

      Thanks so much, Keyon. Just remember…you do not need to do it all at once.

  2. Susan January 7, 2016 at 11:20 am #

    Great article! I think everyone has the decluttering bug. I just finished reading The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, and love the idea of only keeping those things that spark your joy. It seems like this would be difficult, but it’s really not, and has revolutionized the way I think about decluttering, and the way I am actually going about it.

    • Kendra January 7, 2016 at 12:13 pm #

      I too think it is important to keep those things one loves. There are reasons we have those things and keep them year after year after year. Thanks for mentioning the book you just finished. I will have to add it to my reading list…among many others! Thanks for the comments!

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