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How to enjoy Valentine’s day when you are solo

How to enjoy Valentine's Day when you are solo


Because Valentine’s day ain’t just for lovers

Just read a beautiful post by Grace called “Valentine’s Day Ideas for the 5 Love Languages”. Really a lovely post don’t you think?

And it would be even more special and interesting if you were to be in some sort of wonderful, loving relationship. And everyone seems to believe that…

Valentine’s day is for lovers.

Hell, I’m not telling you anything new am I? But what if you are not in a wonderful, loving relationship?

Well first of all don’t worry about it. There really isn’t a damn thing wrong with you or the world if you are not.

So how can we…as soloists…celebrate Valentine’s day without feeling really crappy about ourselves and our lives?

Well first things first…

Realize how damn wonderful you are!

Because I speak the truth. You are pretty damn wonderful.

Second of all…

Realize how damn wonderful your friends are!

Because someone as wonderful as you wouldn’t have anything but wonderful friends!

So how are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

First of all why not gather your girlfriends and get out and do something fun!

Here are just a few ideas for you to get started with.

  1. Treat yourselves to a spa day
  2. Try a new place for a wonderful, long, lingering brunch
  3. Don’t forget the mimosas
  4. If the weather is on your side get out in nature for a nice hike
  5. Make reservations for a lovely dinner at a new (to you) restaurant. Hey don’t worry about all the couples around you…just have fun
  6. Can’t afford dinner? No worries. Take yourselves out just for dessert! Get several different ones to share!
  7. Give each other a valentines gift to share…you know chocolate, champagne…that type of thing.
  8. Have a little get-together at your place. Spruce it up just as you would for that elusive lover
  9. Take yourselves roller skating
  10. Go to a local park and hula hoop
  11. Take yourselves bowling or miniature golfing
  12. Be sure to give good hugs!

Sure Valentine’s day is all about love.  But you can’t tell me that you don’t love some of the most important people in your life…your friends!

Take advantage of this special day instead of hunkering down feeling sorry for yourself. Enjoy the hell out of the day and show those couples that being solo can be pretty damn fun!

One more thing though. If you truly don’t feel like heading out of the house and instead want to spend the whole damn day in your jammies and good book or Neftlix…well that is perfectly ok too. I just don’t want you to go feeling all guilty and depressed about wanting to do just that!

I would so love to hear what your plans are for Valentine’s day!

Joyfully yours,



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