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How to Inspire Your Heart With Art

Art so good for your emotions

Artwork by Annie Hart

Did you know that “Inspire Your Heart With Art” is an actual day to celebrate?

And it is always on January 31st. Why that is, well honestly I don’t know…but it is. In fact, apparently no one really knows the history behind this day.

But it sort of sounds like and interesting and a fun day so I say…let’s celebrate it! (hehe anything for a celebration…right?)

Art is one of those things that can play havoc with your emotions though. It can make you sad, or lonely, or melancholy, or even happy (my favorite!)

Hopefully you are aware that art comes in many different forms such as:

  1. Paintings whether it be landscape, abstract or whimsical
  2. Photography – again so many different styles
  3. Sculpture, pottery, paper arts
  4. Music – yep, again many, many different styles
  5. Writing – literature
  6. Film
  7. And many other things

So how the heck is one supposed to “Inspire Your Heart with Art”?

Well there are actually several ways you could do this.

  1. Visit a local art gallery. Take a good look at all of the different art there and really think about how it makes you feel. Who knows you just might find your new favorite artist. Ok, so not everyone can do this but you could try going to some big name museums online.
  2. Hit up the local bookstore (yep I said local) or library and read a book. Why not try a new author?
  3. Tune your radio (or music app) to a new station and listen to some music that you might not normally listen to. Again, you just might find something you absolutely fall in love with.
  4. Attend an art lecture
  5. Learn to play a new instrument
  6. Take a singing class
  7. If you are already an artist in something (anything) why not try a new technique?
  8. You could go see a new film.
  9. Sign up for a pottery class, a painting class or photography class.
  10. Or gather your girlfriends and do one of the wine and paint nights.
  11. Take a dance lesson or two

Art is such a huge part of our lives whether we realize that or not. It is all the photography we see on billboards, in magazines, and online. It is the typography we see on those billboards and online. It is appreciating paintings done by friends (the above was done by my friend Annie Hart).

But it is also all about exploring new artists, musicians, actors, writers, etc. If we don’t explore the new (at least new to us) then we basically learn nothing new and we remain in a rut.

You really can only learn what you love by investigating new and different ideas and arts than what we have loved in the past.

Taking the time to see or hear something through someone else’s eyes can open up a whole new world to us.

So go forth my friends…see what is out there in the arts.

Be sure to enjoy those works of art that you already love but remember to search out the new as well.

So what are you going to do for “Inspire Your Heart With Art Day?”

And coming up on February 4th is Homemade soup day. Got a good recipe? Please send to me as I’m always looking for new ones!

Joyfully yours,

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