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How to organize a small space the easy way

Organizing is what you do

Small space organizing or it could be small project organizing!

Yes it is still “Get Organized Month”. Hey that wasn’t my choice…it was on the calendar!

A huge part of getting organized though is all about de-cluttering. As I mentioned previously  de-cluttering is the “thing’ these days.

But there are those that are super duper serious about getting rid of things…as in the minimalist movement. And hey, that’s ok.

Butnot everyone wants to go that route.

I don’t. I like my “junk”. Honestly, I really do…well most of it…okay, some of it I do.

In reality some of that junk that I have collected over the years really is just that…JUNK! And I’ll bet you have some like that too.

So what to do?

Well you could just live with it while it collects dust and dirt and grime and you wonder what the hell it is and why the hell you still have it.


You could actually do something about it.

You know years ago when I was working (okay…so I’m still working but you know what I mean) I learned something from someone that just really made sense to me. Remember this was in the “old days” (remember those? The “good” old days??) when we actually had file folders with paper in them?  Yea those old days.

So what I learned was that you only handle a piece of paper one time!  As in you pick it up…read it…do whatever is necessary…then file it. And that task is then over and done with.

Putting a piece of paper into a pile to deal with later just means you have to pick it up one more time and read it one more time (because you forgot what it said) and deal with it…when you could have dealt with it the first time you picked it up.

Well my friends…de-cluttering or organizing is very similar to that.

In other words…do not make piles to deal with later!

Whether you are cleaning out your sock drawer, your junk drawer, your closet or your books this one rule holds true.

So how the hell do you do it if not making different piles to look at later?

Let’s take an example of your books. If you are anything like me you a have a ton of books scattered around your home.

Now there are some people who would suggest that you bring out all of your books…as in every single book from every single room. That’s cool. Go for it. I don’t personally do it that way since the books in my office are specifically for office stuff.

But the main thing to get you started is that you pull every single book out from every nook and cranny you have them hidden in.

Then…pick up one book at a time. At that point you will ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Do I want to keep this book?
  2. Why???? Why do I want to keep this book

There are certainly some books you will want to keep…but you should have a good reason for keeping them.

I tend to keep reference books and those may be about various topics such as gardening, how to do things around the house or any number of things.

Then there are those that might be sentimental for whatever reason. I have my father’s copy of “The Prophet” which I will never get rid of and my grandmother’s book about handwriting (she was a penmanship teacher). Yes, those are the sentimental ones for me and therefore will be keeping them.

I also have a few that are autographed and are somewhat historical that I really want my grandchildren to have (yea, as if they really want them).

So as I pick each one of those up from the pile I initially created I look at them and ask myself the two questions above. With the books I just mentioned the answers are pretty easy so they immediately go back on the shelf.

But then we come to the next set of books.

  • The ones that have no sentimental value
  • The ones that are not reference books
  • The ones that are not autographed

And that is when I need to really take a look at the Why question. Why do I want to keep this book. What value does it have to me?

If I cannot answer the Why then it needs to go into one of two boxes (or bags). And those boxes are:

  1. Donate (my sister might get a few from this pile).
  2. Sell – Abebooks is a good place to look to see if the book is actually worth anything. If it isn’t put it in the Donate box…as in right now

Hey…that is about it. Except for the fact that you now want to put that donate box in your car and take it to where ever you donate your books. Do not keep it around as you will end up rethinking yourself.

This process works for just about any area of your home.

And since it works for every area of you home you can organize your home either by area – such as bedroom closet, living room bookshelves, kitchen junk drawer, etc.


You can organize by what I call type or object. This would be all your books, all your cd’s, all your blouses, all your pots and pans, etc.

The main take away though…at least I hope it is…is that you do NOT have to do the entire house at one time. Oh hell no! That would be way too much for anyone to handle and wouldn’t leave enough time to sit down at the end of the day for a lovely glass of wine.

Oh come on…you do need to celebrate your accomplishments you know!

Well…did this help you at all? Have you taken some time to organize just a little corner of your home? How did it feel? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Joyfully yours,


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