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I’m Pissed…

And you should be too!

You know all those pictures with really profound words on them about guns? Oh yea, they are all over social media today. And probably will be for the next one or two days. Yea, you read that right. This will go away as it always does.

The American people get all outraged about each and every mass shooting then it just sort of dies away. Until the next one that is. Then we get in an uproar again for usually less than a week.

Why the hell does this happen?

Because we become frustrated! Frustrated with our lawmakers who refuse to do a damn thing. Who feel that their Second Amendment rights will be taken from them if any new laws are passed regarding gun control.

I suppose in their minds the rights of one person to own semi-automatic guns or 8 to 10 guns is much more important than those rights of people who are living their lives peacefully and lawfully. Well I say bullshit to that! And you should too!

No one has ever – EVER – suggested doing away with the second amendment. Why should we? But laws can and should be put into place to ensure that only good, law-abiding folks can purchase guns. And who the hell needs semi-automatic (except military) guns anyway? Come on…someone answer that one for me!

Why is it that other countries can come up with laws after one – yes ONE – mass shooting but we can’t? Why is it that our lawmakers are too friggin scared to make any changes? Why is it our lawmakers refuse to even talk about gun control? Why??? Well one reason to be sure is that the NRA has a huge hold on some of these people. They pay them off…yes that is exactly what it is. Contributions to their campaigns is a payoff! Don’t like that term? Well tough!

use-your-voteI personally don’t have the finances to fight the NRA as I’m sure most of us don’t. But damnit…we have votes we can use. And I say we vote out any friggin lawmaker out that refuses to change any laws regarding gun control! It doesn’t take money – it takes guts and just one vote from each and every one of us!

Let’s do this folks! Let’s not let another mass shooting go down without something being done! These lawmakers work for us…not the other way around! Let’s show them who the boss is!

And by the way…if you disagree with this YOU are part of the problem as well!

Joyfully yours,
This is my rant and only mine! You may or may not agree with me. If you don’t that’s fine but please let’s keep all comments civil. thank you

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