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Why is it important to have the phone in your face?


Have you ever wondered what you look like with that phone in your face?

Or how much of life you lose when you sit there looking at your damn phone?

Seriously I see so many people out to dinner with others, walking down the street, or sitting around with friends where they have their face stuck to their phone.

Is what is on your phone more important than what is taking place around you?

Is what you are typing on your phone more important than the people that you are with?

Oh that’s right…one must “check-in” to show everyone in the world where you are and possibly who you are with.

But wait…now it is important to keep checking to see who or who has not commented. And of course to comment back to keep the conversation going.

Is that truly what life is about?

Is it really so important for other people to know that you are with so-and-so at such and such a place? I wonder if someone can answer that for me because I truly do not understand that.

I believe – and mind you this is only my belief – it is more important to enjoy the company you are with at the time that you are with them!

Life is just too damn short and too damn important to keep your phone in your face.

Let’s take a look at the other side of things.

You know…as in how your friends might feel when you have your phone in your face as opposed to being an actual part of the conversation? Yea, honestly, at least for me, it doesn’t feel exactly great.

I see so many people – yes both young and old – out with family and/or friends and yet they are not even talking with one another as they all have their phones connected to their faces.

There are also a lot of people that I see out hiking or walking, or shopping (yes, with friends) that are all buried in their phones that they have absolutely no idea of what their surroundings are.

And there are some serious safety issues related to that one as well.

Next time you are out with friends and want to pull your phone out to check on your social media or to post your current location, or respond to a text (which usually are not that important) why not stop and think about how your friends might be feeling. I know for me (and I only speak for myself!) I tend to wonder if perhaps that person is not truly enjoying my company. After all, if they were would they really have their phone up in their face while I sit there waiting (sometimes for long periods of time) for them to come back into the conversation.

Oh I get it…

Truly I do. It is fun to post on social media about the fun you are having, who you are with and so on. But to continue on to check the comments, or to be texting back and forth with someone else while you are with a group of friends…well I guess maybe I just don’t get it.

You see, I think it is important to “be in the moment” and no that does not mean checking in on your phone! What that means in my world is to enjoy the time you and your friends (or family) are together and not worry what the rest of the world is doing.

And just to be clear…I’m not saying that a selfie or two isn’t fun to do. What I am saying is perhaps limiting our phone time when we are with others.

Let’s get our phones out of our faces and get back to real life!

Joyfully yours,

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