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Do you know what every single female needs?

13 things every single woman needs

There are actually 13 things that every single female should have.

Sure shelter and food are absolute necessities but…there are a few other things that every woman (and man) living the solo lifestyle must have…no matter your age.

I’m not talking here about things we should know or should have learned.

No…I’m talking about “things” that we should all have.

Now granted I realize that the thing these days it is all about downsizing. But seriously you can’t get rid of everything…can you?

So what are these things that I speak of? And please note that this list is not in any particular order of importance! (please note that some of these links may be affiliate links which means that if you click and purchase I could earn enough – maybe – for a glass of wine!)

  1. A really good corkscrew and the ability to use it well. Even if you might not drink much it is always nice to be ableClub W to offer something to guests when they come over. And you don’t want to look silly trying to pull a cork out of a wine bottle with a knife! To go along with that it really is nice to have at least one bottle of red and one bottle of white wine to share. Ok, maybe if you are more a beer drinker or your friends are that would be nice to have available as well.
  1. A full set of dishes. Yes, I know you are single, and I know you live alone so why the heck should you have a full set of dishes? Because it is nice to be able to invite your friends over once in a while and even nicer to share dinner, or breakfast, with them.
  1. A nice set of glassware. Again you want to be able to entertain your friends…or perhaps that new “special” someone in your life!. Mind you I am not talking expensive…just a set that matches.
  1. A small sewing kit. Ok, so you may not necessarily know how to sew but dang, you need to be able to sew on that button on your favorite blouse when it falls off. A few needles, black, white, cream and maybe blue thread should get you started.
  1. At least one but preferably two sets of really wonderful sheets. I’m talking for you! Not just for someone that “might” be there once in a while. Think how wonderful it is to slip into bed and feel those soft luxurious sheets.
  1. At least one but preferably two sets of truly fantastic bath towels. The kind that are really soft and feel good on your body…but that also dry you off.
  1. Don’t forget to have at least three or so really great recipes so that when invited to potlucks you always have something to take with you.
  1. Also have at least three or so fantastic recipes that you can cook up and invite friends over to share your meal with you.
  1. A well-stocked tool box that includes a good set of screwdrivers (both straight and phillips head), a wrench or two, a hammer, pliers (needle nose and regular), a nice sturdy measuring tape, a level, a flashlight, and a good power drill. Sure there is more that you could put in there and you probably have if you are a person that loves to fix things. But for the basic little jobs around the home these tools should do just fine.
  1. Don’t forget that well-stocked emergency kit as well. Because natural disasters happen. Sure they may not be the same everywhere (flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc) but those emergency kits will all be pretty darn similar. But what to put in them? shows you how to build your own kit. FEMA also has some great information.
  1. A really good sturdy footstool to clean the top of the fridge…or better yet to hang pictures.
  1. A wonderful set of truly sexy, feel good, lingerie. Not necessarily to “show off” but dang when you wear them they feel so good…and when you feel good you actually look good!
  1. The most important thing…

    however that all women (and men) living the solo lifestyle must have is a really fantastic girlfriends. The type of friends that will tell it like it is (even when you sure as heck don’t want to hear it; the type of friends you don’t have to feel embarrassed about when a little (or heck maybe even a lot) of pee gets leaked because you were laughing too damn hard; the type of friends that always, always, always has a shoulder available to you when you you need one. friends - the one thing you cannot buy



What do you think? Is this a complete list or have I missed something? Or is there something on the list you don’t feel is appropriate or necessary? Do you have everything? Sure would love to hear you r comments.


Joyfully yours,

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