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How to love your bathroom space when living solo


Why is it no one ever wants to talk about the bathroom?

After all it is one (just one of many reasons) of the biggest reasons I love my solo life. And these are just a few of examples why:

  1. The toilet seat is always down! As in exactly where it should be. In other words nothing to worry about when you get up in the middle of the night to pee!
  1. And speaking of using the bathroom…when was the last time you closed the door!
  1. And don’t forget the toilet paper. It will always…and I mean always…be put on the way you believe it to be the right way.
  1. Those dirty clothes on the bathroom floor? Yep you can leave them there for as long as you want. Really…you can.
  1. You know all those bottles of bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, and of course your razor and loofa and any number of other things you use in the shower? Yep, you know what’s coming…you don’t have to share that space with anyone else’s “stuff”
  1. The vanity, medicine cabinet, and all other areas of the bathroom are all yours – to do with as you please.

Of course if you really wanted to get some fun organizing  you could check out this organizer for the shower. I have one and absolutely love it! (And yes, this is an affiliate link)

See there really are things to talk about regarding bathrooms…and living solo!

I love my bathroom space primarily because it truly is mine!

What are other reasons to love your bathroom space when living the solo life?

Joyfully yours,

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