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My New Living Space

Well it only took two of us (as in two women over 60) to paint my front porch!

But dang does it ever look good! You see I get the hot afternoon sun since I face to the west. Everything was getting faded and looking pretty yuchy.

And yes…the front porch is a living space.

new living spaceWell don’t you think so?

We power-washed, we sanded, we filled wood with putty, sanded more, primed and then finally painted! Trying to work in the evening most of the time as my neighbor/helper felt it was cooler. Well I started working in the morning and honestly it was much cooler. We both worked on our own schedules and sometimes we were out there together others times not. But as of yesterday afternoon…yep it’s finally done!

And I love it!

But now…now I need to “decorate” it. And ohhhhh….soooooo many options!

Such as a Patio Slider. Sure could see me out there with my morning coffee!

Or how about a really pretty bench?

Oops…I should quit looking! I just found this rocking chair that would be absolutely perfect! I have always loved rocking chairs and yep, think I deserve it! Don’t you?

Oh just so you know…I am an Amazon affiliate which means that if you click that link I just might make some money!

Seriously though…I’m totally open to ideas! what goes on a front porch?

What fun things (especially turtles!) should I have out there?

What do you have on your front porch?

It truly is pretty amazing how just one minor change – as in a little bit of painting (ok, ok, yes it took us almost two weeks to do but it was still just a little bit) can do. Really is a “feel good” thing that I think we should all do once in a while. Whether it be painting, putting up new art work, getting a new rocking chair or even just rearranging furniture. All of those things can actually make a huge difference in how you feel about your living space.

What have you done lately to change your living space? To make it brighter, or more homey, friendlier or just more cozy for you? If you haven’t done anything lately why not give it a try. Just a small project…a certain corner or yes even the front porch can make such a big difference.

Please let me know what little changes – or even big major ones – you have made in your home lately.

Joyfully yours,

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