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Do you know this chick? If not you should!

I mean really…this chick is someone you need to know!

That is if you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, work from home…or just plain work.

This is the one chick you must get to know!

Ash Ambirge (aka The Middle Finger Project) is absolutely someone you need to check out.

That is if you are into online businesses, writing, branding and all that cool crap. Ok, it sure isn’t crap when your learning it from Ash.

See not only does she know her stuff but she gets you to know your stuff and gets you to get your stuff done! She just has this way of saying stuff.

This chick is so cool that her business is called the Middle Finger Project! Yea, how do you like that?

But holy guacamole she has some cool stuff coming up that look like they are going to be superb (as all her stuff always is!)

Thing such as:

  • UNF*CKWITHABLE girlfriends
  • How to Come Up With a Creative Name for Your Business, Product or Service
  • How to Get Your First Clients When You Have No Portfolio, No Experience & No Idea Where to Start

Seriously this gal knows her stuff.  Check her out!    And yes this is an affiliate link which means I will make a small commission when you click and purchase. But honestly…I don’t do affiliates unless it is something that I totally believe in…and this is 100% one of those!

You’re welcome…

I say that because I know that you will be thanking me after taking one, two or three of her courses…

Joyfully yours,

Get it here - The Joyfully Solo Life - with tips and tricks!


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