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New Year’s Resolutions – how are you doing with them?

Personal development is a conscious choice

We are now a week into the new year of 2018…did you keep your resolutions?

Believe it or not most people who make a New Year’s resolution really only keep it for about a month.

I’m not sure how or when all that New Year’s resolution stuff got started but honestly I think it sort of sucks. Most people who do make those resolutions make them so generic with no plan as to how they will accomplish them that they end up doing nothing about them.

Then they end up feeling like a failure.

Seriously when you say I am going to lose weight this year that really doesn’t do much. Saying I’m going to lose 20 pounds by doing this and that would seriously be a much better way to state it. Just like “I’m going to travel this year.” Ok big deal. Where are you going? For how long? How much money is it going to cost.

Even if you really spell out your resolutions things can happen to totally change them.

You know…Life Happens.

I stopped doing resolutions several years back knowing that I never really followed through with them.

Then I tried to do the Word for a Year thing and yea, that didn’t work out too well for me either.

This year I have decided to make it a bit easier on myself and came up with a few things that I know I can accomplish and that will make me feel better about myself.

  1. Stop complaining. I try not to complain too much but I find that there are certain people I feel alright complaining to. I want to instead turn those complaints into conversations. What can I, or we, do to change the issue? Is it really an issue that needs to be dealt with? Is it really complaining or just venting? Is it really an issue that affects my life?
  1. Get outside more. I have found that since working from home I don’t get out quite as much as I used to. Seems strange as one would think I would get out more often. But I end up getting so focused that I sit here working for hours on end. Being out in nature truly is good for us both physically and mentally.
  1. Walk every day. I had been doing this for a while but then I had a bad bout of sciatica. I stopped doing just about everything. Unfortunately I found it quite difficult to get back into this habit. Not only is walking free but you can do it alone or with friends. Walking is not only one of the best forms of exercise you can do it also help to clear the mess in your brain.
  1. Give more compliments. I actually love giving compliments to people but have realized I just don’t do enough of it. Sure giving compliments makes the other person feel good but it sure makes me feel good as well. One has to remember though to make sure the compliment is sincere and not necessarily about how someone looks. Take it deeper than that.
  1. Be more open to new people. This includes people I might encounter while standing in line someplace or people I meet while walking or in any situation. It is more about talking with people that I would normally just pass with a smile or nod.
  1. Make my bed – everyday. Ok, so I generally do make my bed most mornings. But there have been times when for one reason or another it just didn’t get made. To be honest I realize that I do feel better on those days that I make my bed.
  1. Reduce the negativity. I most certainly try my darndest to be pretty positive and for the most part I think I am. But I find that there are a few people in my life (and online) that tend to put out negative vibes – a lot. These are people that I think I need to reduce my exposure to, though admittedly in some cases it might be quite difficult. You see one is actually a friend of mine but so much of what she posts on line or even what she says in person can be so very negative. It just might be time to let her go as a friend.
  1. Try something new. I have no idea what this will be but at some point this year I intend to do something that I have never before tried. Ok, it doesn’t have to be a huge thing like skydiving (though who knows maybe I will) but just something brand new to me. Because getting out of your comfort zone can be a good thing.
  1. Cut back on my social media time. In reality I have already done this…but certainly need to do it more. Limiting my time on social media will certainly give me more time being social with those people I know in real life. Setting a specific time to be on social media is the plan.
  1. Turn off my phone. Since I normally go to bed around 11:00 I will be turning my phone off at 10:00. Why? Because that light that comes from it really does disrupt our sleep. And honestly very little of importance take place at that time of night anyway. And it is not necessary to check it the moment one wakes up in the morning.

If you notice all of these things I have mentioned are free and pretty darn easy to accomplish. Well maybe not number 8 as that one could end up being difficult and perhaps not free. But for the most part they are all free and easy.

Doing all of these things have shown to be helpful in having a more productive, fulfilled and happy life which is something I think most of us want.

These are also things that I have been working on for the last several years but never really put it out to the world. By doing so now helps me be more accountable to myself. I’m hopeful that some of my friends will call me out when they find that I am not following through on some of these, or that I actually recognize that I am not following through.

So did you make any resolutions this year? Have you already failed at them? Why not try something new, something that is a bit more manageable but that will help you have a more satisfactory life?

Tell me, what do you think about my list? Is there something you would add to it or change?
Joyfully yours,

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