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Playing Games can be healthy for you

Isn’t it time you started to play again?

And no I’m not talking the “adult” kind of play where you go out dancing or wine tasting or any of that other “adult” fun stuff. Hey…not saying that isn’t a bad thing. Nope, not at all. In fact I like doing that stuff…but not all the time.

Nor am I talking about all the great computer games that are out there that so many of us (yes, I include myself here) play!

Sometimes I just like to play games. You know…like we did when we were kids?

But yea, maybe Candyland is just a bit too childish. There are some pretty cool adult games though and no, no, no…I’m not talking about those adult games. Hmmm, might bwe dont stop playing because we grow olde for another post though.

No these games are similar to what we played as kids but are being remade for adults. Some are even made to be played by yourself (ok, ok…I’ll write that other post!)

One reason (among oh so many others) that I enjoy visiting my son and his family is that they always get together and play games. Their two kids even join in (well the teen years were a bit rough) and pretty much anyone else that might be around. Games and just playing really does bring people and families together.

In all honesty though playing games with friends and family really does have some health benefits. You see when you get your friends together for a game night it can:

  • Helps reduce your stress level by releasing endorphins which promotes an overall feeling of well being
  • Helps improve your brain function – especially with those games in which you really have to think
  • Helps improve your relationship with those that you are playing with
  • Help keep you feeling young and energetic

Seriously, there are some really fun games out there.

Check out Marbles the Brain Store to get some fun ideas – actually for all ages!

(Disclaimer – this is an affiliate link and if you purchase something from them I will receive a commission)

You know I keep hearing that adulthood is a bit overrated.

Maybe it is time to invite some friends over and enjoy playing games together! You could even make it a monthly or weekly get together!

So are you going to start playing again? What is your favorite game? I would love to know!

Joyfully yours,

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