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Satisfied Staying Single…


Yep there really is a Satisfied Staying Single Day

 I mean who knew? But I guess really there is a day for just about everything. So I have decided that is my new favorite day.


Because not only am I satisfied with being single…I actually love being single!

Below is a write up of the day from Daysoftheyear about this special day. Now I totally agree with the first part of it with all the other syrupy holidays and such. But I do have to say that I’m not so sure about the second part.

Yes, I will admit that many years ago people felt sorry for me for being single. You know…not “having” someone to share my life with. Ugh…I don’t want to “have” someone! In fact I remember so many times after visiting my mom who lived in a retirement home, she would tell me that several of the ladies there would worry about me because I didn’t “have” someone. Funny thing about that was that several of those ladies had lived absolutely fantastic lives while being single.

But I sort of feel that stigma is not there anymore. Or at least not as much as it used to be. Or it could be that about 88% of my friends and acquaintances are single as well.

But either way this is my new favorite day. And in the future I will be celebrating it with my friends…my single ones that is.

The hell with Valentine’s Day…this day is so much better!

There are so many syrupy holidays through the year that are devoted to love and relationships that if you partook of them all you would have a mouth full of cavities! Are you single and proud of it? Does the thought of having to live through another Valentine’s Day make you cringe? Well here is a day just for you! It’s Satisfied Staying Single Day!

There is nothing wrong with the single life and more people need to see that! Look back through history and you’ll see something glamorous about the “eternal bachelor”. Films have been made and stories are written to add to this idea, so why is there such a stigma attached to being single? Use this holiday to show the world how happy and satisfied you are with your life!

History of Satisfied Staying Single Day There have been those that are more comfortable dancing through life without a partner since the beginning of time. Why not have a day to celebrate that singular state of happiness? Now you can treat yourself to something sweet, colorful flowers or anything at all and know that you will have the perfect gift!

How often are you the recipient of pitying looks, invitations, and blind dates? Don’t they know that you are fine, you are happy and content with your life just as it is. The real answer is no. No, they don’t understand. They honestly think they’re helping you. On Satisfied Staying Single Day, you can start to show all your friends and family that there is nothing wrong with the single life.

Seriously next year this is going to be a super special day for my friends and I. I’m going to make sure of that. No more Galentine’s Day brunches or dinners or whatever. Nope instead we will celebrate our Solohood!

What do you think? Should we celebrate our being single?  How would you plan on doing so?

Joyfully yours,

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