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These Small Changes can Make Your Life Better

It is true that these changes, however small they may be, can certainly change your life for the better.

But…what is better?

My answer to that question is quite simple. A better life is one in which I feel more content, more free, more fun, and more joy.

But how does one accomplish all those things?
And do those “things” really work?

Well first of all in all of my reading and research there are a few things that people who claim to be happy and living great lives all seem to do. So yes…they do work.

And I have done all of them…well I continue to do all of them…and from my point of few they work. What I have found is that when I get lazy or not thinking much about it and I forget to follow of these things my life does indeed take a bit of a downturn. Which to be perfectly honest I don’t really care for.

The thing is that most of these items really do apply quite well to those of us living the single lifestyle.

So what are these 6 things that truly happy people do – on a regular basis?

1. They don’t think about what others think about them. The only person that matters is you! What others think about you is not your problem. This, I believe is one of the most important ones for those of us living the single life. Is it truly that important what others think of us? Why?

2. They don’t compare themselves to others. They know who they are and therefore do not feel the need to compare themselves to others. And truly when you stop to think about it each and every one of us is unique which makes it even harder for us to compare. Seriously if we continue to compare ourselves to others (whose lifestyles may differ with ours) will we eventually start believing we are not quite as good as those others and end up falling into a trap that was not designed for us?

3. They spend time outdoors. Science has shown that just 20 minutes a day out in nature promotes a sense of vitality. The nice thing about the single life is being able to get out of your situation whenever your want and getting into nature is one of the absolute best prescriptions for all that ails you.

4. They laugh out loud. While there is some science that reveals a good hearty laugh can actually be healthy there is still much research to be done. But hey, let’s face it…laughing out loud feels pretty damn good doesn’t it? Just do it! Even if you are alone laughing out loud is great! Of course laughing with (note the “with”) other people is much more fun. Go out and find yourself some fun (or funny) friends to laugh with. But again, don’t be afraid to do that huge belly laugh when you are all alone. It feels great!

5. They treat others with respect. Basically they follow the “golden rule”. You remember the one…Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Not much to be said here. We should all treat others with respect. Yes, even those that continue to question our singlehood.

6. They take full responsibility. Yep when they screw up they accept that fact and have no problem whatsoever admitting to it. Well as singles we honestly have no choice except to take responsibility. It is truly one of the perks as well as one of the downfalls of the singles lifestyle.

As you can see none of these are extremely difficult, nor does any one of them cost a cent to do. Pretty cool huh?

Do you do any of these? How about adding a few more? If you don’t do these do you think you could start doing them? Even if just adding one a week?

Joyfully yours,


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