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The One Question Single People Hate Hearing

People, those both close to us as well as those we barely even know have been known to ask this question that most single people hate! I have always been comfortable being single, though admittedly early on (as in very, very early on) I was one of those that felt as though I should remarry […]

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age is simply a limitation you set upon yourself

Is knowing his age really that important?

  Personally I say age makes no difference… Are we women (and probably men as well) limiting ourselves as we get older? I mean, I hear women of a certain age complain that there are no decent men to date and yea, I get it. At least to a certain extent I get it. The […]

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Don’t trust anyone over 30!

Yikes! That’s us… Do you remember when we felt that 30 was old? And man 50 was just plain ancient! But damn…here we are now at that ancient age of 50 or more. And you know what? It ain’t all that bad! Wow…we are now considered “seniors”. Geez I must say that I sure don’t […]

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