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The One Question Single People Hate Hearing

People, those both close to us as well as those we barely even know have been known to ask this question that most single people hate! I have always been comfortable being single, though admittedly early on (as in very, very early on) I was one of those that felt as though I should remarry […]

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Friends of friends…

  Only means more friends for you! And who the heck doesn’t want more friends? But there is one area in which I actually believe women (and probably a few men as well) are really dropping the ball. Many years ago I had lunch with a guy…ok, so it was sort of a blind date. […]

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How to love your bathroom space when living solo

Why is it no one ever wants to talk about the bathroom? After all it is one (just one of many reasons) of the biggest reasons I love my solo life. And these are just a few of examples why: The toilet seat is always down! As in exactly where it should be. In other […]

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The Change is here…

OMG…Have you seen them all? The websites and Facebook Pages and Instagrams and Twitters and…and…and… All about Getting You Happy! Yes indeed – if you do these 10 things you will never be sad again. OR… 14 Things really happy people do all the damn time. You do them and yes, you will be damn […]

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