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I'm not single. I just love my freedom

Satisfied Staying Single…

  Yep there really is a Satisfied Staying Single Day  I mean who knew? But I guess really there is a day for just about everything. So I have decided that is my new favorite day. Why? Because not only am I satisfied with being single…I actually love being single! Below is a write up […]

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When did you celebrate your personal independence?

We are coming up on a holiday weekend… at least here in the US as our country celebrates Independence Day! July 4th is generally a day in which families and friends get together for barbeques and to watch fireworks. So many people though look at this day as a holiday from work. Which of course […]

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How not to be grumpy on Valentine’s Day

Oh good grief …that dreaded day is fast approaching. Yea, you know the one I’m talking about. The one that just about every solo I know hates with a passion. What day, you might be asking, am I talking about? Valentine’s Day! The true Hallmark holiday. The day for lovers The day to show your […]

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