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How to Destress in this Time of Conflict

It is a time of conflict in our nation, and world, right now. And so many of us have become stressed, angry, fearfull and just plain sad. To the point in fact of feeling actual physical pain. Man, I get that. I truly do as I have felt the same thing. Being stressed, being angry […]

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Friends of friends…

  Only means more friends for you! And who the heck doesn’t want more friends? But there is one area in which I actually believe women (and probably a few men as well) are really dropping the ball. Many years ago I had lunch with a guy…ok, so it was sort of a blind date. […]

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How to enjoy Valentine's Day when you are solo

How to enjoy Valentine’s day when you are solo

  Because Valentine’s day ain’t just for lovers Just read a beautiful post by Grace called “Valentine’s Day Ideas for the 5 Love Languages”. Really a lovely post don’t you think? And it would be even more special and interesting if you were to be in some sort of wonderful, loving relationship. And everyone seems […]

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Art so good for your emotions

How to Inspire Your Heart With Art

Did you know that “Inspire Your Heart With Art” is an actual day to celebrate? And it is always on January 31st. Why that is, well honestly I don’t know…but it is. In fact, apparently no one really knows the history behind this day. But it sort of sounds like and interesting and a fun day […]

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Want a good life? Have great friends

Life isn’t perfect… Oh far from it. But I’m guessing you already know that. Well don’t you? We all have days…or weeks…or even months that might feel that life itself is pretty crappy. And you know what…during those times you are probably very correct. Now I’m going to be honest with you here…because you see […]

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Family is not always blood…

Yes, it’s true… we all have family of one sort of another. Whether it be parents, children, siblings, nieces or nephews…they are our blood. And we will forever love them. But there is another family that is equally – or maybe at times even more – important. And that is your group of girlfriends. Tribe […]

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