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How to love your bathroom space when living solo

Why is it no one ever wants to talk about the bathroom? After all it is one (just one of many reasons) of the biggest reasons I love my solo life. And these are just a few of examples why: The toilet seat is always down! As in exactly where it should be. In other […]

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Life is a constant

Change that is It is ever evolving…never stopping to take a break. Always giving us something new to chew on, to think on. To inspire us, to move us Life is a constant…just as websites and businesses are ever evolving. Changing…never stopping…giving us something new…to inspire us to move us… To give us clarity. And […]

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How to be safe with your cellphone

And not necessarily the kind you might think Hey we all know that we need to lock our doors at night. And to be extra cautious when walking in dark parking lots. We know we are supposed to have a “go to” bag in case of emergencies or natural disasters (um, do you have yours?) […]

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How to color our world fun!

And why it’s important to do so! People – you know like me – are always telling other people –you know like you – how to be happy and how to love your life and blah, blah, blah. But there really is something to at least taking care of ourselves. Of learning to be happy […]

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What does home mean to you?

Well what the hell is “home”? Like what does it mean to you? Is it the place where you sleep? The place that you drop your things? A place where you can cook your favorite meal naked? The place you grew up? Or the place where your family is? Home means so many different things […]

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