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age is simply a limitation you set upon yourself

Is knowing his age really that important?

  Personally I say age makes no difference… Are we women (and probably men as well) limiting ourselves as we get older? I mean, I hear women of a certain age complain that there are no decent men to date and yea, I get it. At least to a certain extent I get it. The […]

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Friends of friends…

  Only means more friends for you! And who the heck doesn’t want more friends? But there is one area in which I actually believe women (and probably a few men as well) are really dropping the ball. Many years ago I had lunch with a guy…ok, so it was sort of a blind date. […]

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a-little-foray-into-the-creative parts of our lives is always a good thing

Get the perfection out of your creative pursuits

Did you know that January is “Creative Month”? Well it is other things as well but I rather liked this one. I mean really…isn’t having a creative month better than oatmeal month? Yea I think so too. But what does it mean to be creative? There are, I learned, many definitions of “creativity” such as […]

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Yea, we have all heard about wing men. Well haven’t we? You know the guys that help their buddies meet the really beautiful women in the night clubs! Yea, them! LOL…I have a friend (whom I adore by the way) who recently offered to be my “Wingwoman”. First I have to say that I so […]

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Long distance Relationships…

Totally Suck! Ok, at least for me they do. What about you? How do you feel about them? For me they just don’t feel like a real relationship. First off you “visit” each other, though from my experience it is usually just one doing the visiting. The problem with this is that the person (let’s […]

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