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It's really important to get to know your neighbrs - learn why.

Why Single People Need To Be Good Neighbors

It really is important for us to be good neighbors. But what does that really mean? The conversation took a turn to, what else, being single and living alone. But it was not necessarily the good stuff about living joyfully solo. It was one of those conversations about what happens if you fall and hurt […]

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3 Social Media tips to keep you out of trouble

Yes, folks I do believe social media is here to stay! And that means we probably really need to look at how it is used…or perhaps I should say how to use it properly. But what does social media consist of? Well it is basically any format that allows you to interact with others. So […]

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How to be safe with your cellphone

And not necessarily the kind you might think Hey we all know that we need to lock our doors at night. And to be extra cautious when walking in dark parking lots. We know we are supposed to have a “go to” bag in case of emergencies or natural disasters (um, do you have yours?) […]

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