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7 ways to get out and enjoy nature

When nature Calls You must listen. Why? Because being out in nature truly helps get the joy back in your life. Yep there are tons of studies abounding about how being outside in nature can help you feel happier and can actually help your health. And we know of course that being happier and healthier […]

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youve got to wake up every morning with determination

Should you make your bed every day?

I’m sure if you are anything like many of us your mother always told you to “make your bed”. And so we did…when we were kids. But what about now? Do you make your bed every day? There are in fact reasons why… You should And Why you shouldn’t The reason you should not make […]

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What does home mean to you?

Well what the hell is “home”? Like what does it mean to you? Is it the place where you sleep? The place that you drop your things? A place where you can cook your favorite meal naked? The place you grew up? Or the place where your family is? Home means so many different things […]

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