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why you need to stop wearing shoes inside

Why you need to stop wearing shoes inside

Seriously are you still wearing your shoes once you get home and inside the house? Why? There are some great reasons why you should not do so. For instance the number of bacteria on the bottom of our shoes is really super gross. Did you know that an average of 421,000 bacteria is not uncommon […]

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How to de-clutter one small step at a time

It’s easy to declutter if you start small. Yep de-cluttering your living space and decluttering your mind. Many people in this movement take the decluttering of your living space very seriously and take it down to a bare minimum. Hey that’s fine. In fact it’s pretty cool. For them that is!  While I totally believe […]

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How to color our world fun!

And why it’s important to do so! People – you know like me – are always telling other people –you know like you – how to be happy and how to love your life and blah, blah, blah. But there really is something to at least taking care of ourselves. Of learning to be happy […]

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