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The best thing about coming home is…

recycle those bras

Taking off that damn bra…is the best thing about coming home after work!

At least it is for me.

And I have a feeling that many of you women out there…young and old…are right now saying YES!!!

Granted you may not necessarily have to be living solo to love this one but personally I think it helps just a tad.

And man alive…walking through that door, knowing you are home for the duration of the day or night that bra comes off so damn fast!

Yep, you can admit it. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

That wonderful, powerful feeling of freedom!

But here is a question for you…

What the hell do you do with all your old bras? You know the ones that no longer fit, the ones you just can’t stand to wear anymore or the ones that are literally falling apart.

Ha…believe it or not I actually have a few suggestions for you.

1. Do you know that many places such as Goodwill will no longer accept bras for donation!! Sure you could hide them in the bottom of the bag but why not donate them to someplace you know will put them to good use? The Bra Recyclers is a non-profit that loves to receive bras of any shape, style, size and color!

And yes, they are located in Arizona but they, and their partners, have made it so damn easy to donate. Just click on the link that says “Drop Offs” and scroll down to the map. Type in your city or zip and there you go.

For my local peeps I found a couple of places that accept gently used bras for The Bra Recyclers
Sisters Consignment Couture located at: 2700 Yulupa Ave, Ste. 6, Santa Rosa (note this is not the address shown if you search)

2. Donate them! Specifically to a homeless shelter that caters to women, or any organization that helps battered women. Many times those women leave with just the clothes on their back. When you find someplace in your area please contact them first to make sure they need them and how to go about doing so.

Why not use our new best friend google and type in “donating old bras in Name of your city” and I’ll bet something comes up for you.

4. Other organizations that accept bras are:

a.   SOMA  collects gently used bras and send in large donations to NNEDV
b.   Bras For a Cause supports Breast Cancer Survivors
c.   For those local to my old stomping grounds in San Jose, CA check this one out the “Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere”  sponsored by the San Jose Women’s Club.

No matter where you plan on donating please do call in advance. Some websites can be old and outdated so you want to make sure that the information is still up to date.

Some places might not actually have any local places to donate these oh so wonderful clothing items. If that is the case why not start one yourself? Or perhaps you are involved in an organization that would be a perfect fit (pun not intended but dang it works!) for this kind of thing.

So go do the right thing…

clean out your bras!

Joyfully yours,


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