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These 5 easy tips will get you started organizing

Organizing is really fairly easy

Trust me these are super easy tips to keep your organizing easy!

Oh hey…you know it is still January…which means it is still “Get Organized Month”. So let’s get organizing!

So have you ever looked for organizing ideas and all anyone wants to do is sell, sell, sell you their wonderful catch all thingys?  Yea, me too. Pretty frustrating.

But you know what? There are some pretty decent organizing ideas and thingys that really do work…or at least look like they would work.

Here are just a few that I found for you (and just so you know…some of the links may be affiliate links):

  1. You know all those boxes of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, freezer bags, sandwich bags, etc? Well next time you see those Magazine Holders (does anyone still get magazines?) pick one or two up (don’t forget the dollar stores!). Those tubes and boxes fix beautifully in those holders. And if you are the crafty type you can even paint or paper them to look fun and pretty.
  2. Now here is a nifty idea that I have actually seen all over the place. And yes, I admit that I have not yet given it a try but certainly plan to. You know those file organizers that we used to use at the office when we still used actual files? Well they apparently work great to keep your cookie sheets, cutting boards, and pan lids standing up and all in one place!
  3. Do you wear a lot of bracelets? A cool idea to keep them all in one place and so you can see them all at once is to pick up a cheap standing paper-towel holder. You could either stand it on your dresser or attach it to your wall if you had the right place for it.
  4. If you are one of those that sits in the living room reading magazines, writing thank you notes, doing crossword puzzles or just reading a book but don’t like the clutter it brings about here is a pretty cool trick for you. Keep a (affiliate) tray, or heck even a cookie sheet, and when you are done reading, writing or whatever put your work or your book on the tray/cookie sheet and just slip it under your sofa. Now mind you this works best with the kind that has a skirt or sits fairly low .
  5. Are you like me (and probably a whole lot of other people) and have a ton of food storage containers? It might just be time to clean them all out. Yea go ahead and pull them all out of every cabinet you have the stored in…and don’t forget the lids. Now…match them all up – as in making sure that each container actually has a lid that fits. I don’t know about you but some of my lids must end up where those missing socks end up. Once you match up the lids with the containers get rid of those that remain unmatched. Seriously get rid of them. Then take a look at the rest of them and make sure they are still in good condition. Once you know they are in good and clean condition and have lids go ahead and put them away. And here is another fun tip…engage your young children or your grandchildren to help you. They love this type of thing.

There was something I read that really made a ton of sense to me. And that was:

“Being organized doesn’t mean everything is in its place;

it means everything has a place.

If you can get your house ready for a surprise guest in 30 minutes,

then you’re organized. “

Unfortunately I don’t know who said that as there was no reference to the quote. But it just really made a lot of sense. It just means that everything actually has its own personal place. It doesn’t mean that “thing” always must be in its place though. But it just means that when your friend calls and says “hey why don’t I stop by in 30 minutes” you know exactly where those things are supposed to go.

What tricks do you have to keep yourself organized? Would you like to hear more tips about organization? Just let me know!

Joyfully yours,



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