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This is a wonderful day



Well actually every day can be a wonderful day.

No matter what happens in life…and yes some pretty crappy things can and do happen…there is always at least one little tidbit of goodness in each and every day.

Unfortunately we tend to focus our thoughts on the crappy parts of our lives instead of what is good. Learn to pick those tidbits of good and cherish those instead of focusing of the bad.

Because sometimes it is those little things that can truly make for a wonderful, fantastic day.

Heck just seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset can be that little tidbit of goodness. Or a beautiful flower you may not have noticed before…or someone throwing you a lovely smile for no reason at all – or because they are happy to see you. Yes those little tidbits of goodness can truly make for a wonderful day…each and every day!

Let’s start focusing on the good in life and see what happens.

Joyfully yours,

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