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Today is the day to start learning something new

Think left and think right


Actually any day is a great day to start to learn new things!

But why should you?

Well when you learn new things you are expanding your whole world and helping to get your creative juices flowing.

Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

Seriously though most of us at one time or another have said something along the lines of “gee, I would love to learn___________” and yet for whatever reason we just don’t.

Personally I have always admired people that I consider to be highly creative individuals. You know the ones I’m talking about, the artists, sculptures, potters. Or people that can do things around their home to make it more interesting or fun or warm.

Yea, I’m so not one of those individuals. Though I have always wanted to be.

But interestingly I hear people comment about how creative I am – though I honestly don’t believe them. So I feel I need to up my game a bit.

How am I doing that?

Well since I’m totally an amateur photographer and would love to better myself at that hobby I am currently taking a photography class. It is online but truly a great class that I am totally enjoying.  Am I getting better? Heck if I know but I do know that I’m learning quite a bit and to me that is what really counts.

There are all kinds of ways to learn something new though.

  1. You could check out your local community center or senior center as most have various different classes.
  2. Or you could look at the local junior or community college in your area. Some of the weekend classes my local one has look (and are) really interesting.
  3. You could also try some online things such as maybe Facbook challenges where you do something specific for say 30 days and get feedback about it.
  4. And of course there are the online courses such as the one I’m taking here at (affiliate) Udemy (which is having a sale from 1/19 until 1/23!!)

The thing is that even if you take a class or learn something new that is not necessarily considered to be on the creative side you are still opening up your mind to new things and new ideas. Once you do that there is actually a whole new world for you to see. Ok, maybe it is just more about seeing the world we already know in a slightly different way.

Just recently I heard about a friend that was going to learn to play the harmonica – something she had been wanting to do for a number for years.

Another friend was questioning a specific religion and after we spoke a bit she decided to look into taking a comparative religions class.

In fact, even the other night I had a group of friends over to play “Cards Against Humanity” and during playing the game there were several conversations that took place (as well there should be with that game!). But during those conversations several of us learned new, and rather interesting things ( no for the sake of my friendships I will not go into detail!).

We learn not only from taking classes but also by observing, talking and questioning.

Is there something you have always considered learning about? Why not do it now?

Joyfully yours,




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