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What to buy in October

Wow…can’t believe it is already October! Where did the summer go?

But hey, this month can be a pretty good one. After all not only do we have Halloween but it is alsom Breast Cancer Awareness months, computer Learning month, and the two most important ones it is Cookie Month and National Popcorn Popping Month.

boo-3Seriously, how could October get any better?

Well it can! Why? Well because there are actually some good deals to be had.

1. Halloween costumes of course. Take a look at the discount section which will generally be last years costumes. If you can wait one or two days prior to Halloween there are usually some really good discounts – though honestly by then the selection leaves much to be desired. Don’t forget to head to the costume store the day or week after Halloween! They have big discounts then.

2. If you are a camper now is the time to get some new gear. With camping season coming to a close many items will go on sale. Some even for 60 to 70 percent off.

3. Did you know October is one of the best times for Cookware and other kitchen accessories? Well it is. After all the holidays are just right around the corner. (oh and just so you know – I am an Amazon Associate so…that means if you click my link there and purchase something I just might earn a commission!)

4. Still need a new car? October is one of the best months to purchase as the new models are coming in and dealers want to get rid of the older ones.

5. Ready for a European vacation? According to Rick Steves, travel expert, October is the start of Europe’s off-season. Which means more budget rooms and flights.

6. Patio furniture – again. The stores are still trying to get rid of inventory of their patio furniture in order to bring in new inventory for the holidays.

7. Ok, so October is also National Pizza Month which means that there will be some good deals this month! Oh yummy!

8. Don’t forget that toy stores will be gearing up for the holidays. Which means that there should be some good discounts on kids toys and games right now.

9. If you are planning on getting married anytime in the future (hmmmm….) this is a great time to start looking at venues, negotiating services and buying or renting supples.

10. Jeans…as in denim jeans. Yep you read that right. Once the back-to-school rush is over and done with and as the weather begins to cool off jeans tend to go on sale. Get them now!

So there you go! Great shopping for October!

My apologies to my friends on the other side of the globe as many of these may not necessarily apply to you…but they might!

So what do you think is the best deal for October?

Joyfully yours,

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