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Why you need to stop wearing shoes inside

why you need to stop wearing shoes inside

Seriously are you still wearing your shoes once you get home and inside the house?


There are some great reasons why you should not do so.

  1. For instance the number of bacteria on the bottom of our shoes is really super gross. Did you know that an average of 421,000 bacteria is not uncommon to be found on the outside of your shoes? Yep that is what the University of Arizona determined while conducting a study about that very thing. Ok, I’m not going to go in what they actually found but trust me…you do not want to carry it around your house with you
  2. Another 2013 study by Baylor University determined that those of us that live near asphalt pavement sealed with coal tar tend to have higher risks of cancer.

Yea let’s face it – both of those studies give us pretty crappy reasons to take our shoes off at the door.

So to get you out of that super down mood I just put you in I’m going to go all out and give you some other reasons not to wear shoes at home.

  1. It’s just so much more comfortable.
  2. If you live in an upstairs apartment you are being kind(er) to your downstairs neighbor!
  3. There are just too many super cool, totally fun and really comfy slippers and socks to wear around the house. Ok, this is my favorite reason but that is because my feet get cold!

And if you have enough space you can do some rather fun stuff for storing those shoes by the front or back doors. Well if you are creative that is – which I’m absolutely not! For the back door where you and others come an go the most it really is nice to have something there for your shoes, boots, hats, coats and umbrellas. Of course size and location will be determined as to the size of your area. Plus you want something that will accept the mud and snow if you live in that kind of climate.

By the front door for your guests I have seen a ton of different things from just a space on the floor to a beautiful huge basket. My suggestion if you truly wanting something for that is to take a peek at Pinterest. They have some totally cool ideas and I’m sure you will find something that suits you.

As you can see from the above photo I honestly do not have space on my back door area for anything organized. Well, at least that is my story and yes indeed, I’m sticking to it!

Don’t forget that not wearing shoes inside also helps keep your floors clean. And if you are anything like me you never ever feel like cleaning so really, any little thing helps!

Some fun and comfortable slippers and socks just for you:

These by the way are affiliate links which if used correctly could pay me enough for perhaps a glass of wine!

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