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Yikes – the time for gifts is almost here!

Jeepers, creepers…

Have you seen them?

You know what I’m talking about…those Facebook posts (and probably Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and all the rest) that are now telling us how many days or how many Fridays until Christmas!

Yikes…I actually hate seeing those! Why? Because no matter how well I think I have planned I am absolutely never, ever ready! And yea, I probably won’t be this year either!

But I decided to help you out just a bit with this upcoming time of year I which we feel obligated to give gifts. Oh, don’t get me wrong…I love to give but I hate feeling obligated to give. Yep two totally different things there.

Anyway first and foremost if you are not the crafty type person (I’m so not) who is going to make all of their gifts yet again this year may I suggest that you first do your shopping at the local stores? And no, I’m not talking about the local big box stores. I’m talking here about the locally owned little boutiques in your area. I love, love, love shopping local. First of all you end up getting much more unique items that your friends and family are not going to find elsewhere. But shopping local helps keep these boutiques open and…all the taxes and such remain local! Now that my friends I think is pretty cool. So yes, if at all possible please do shop your locally owned stores.

But…sometimes that just isn’t always possible. There are many reasons why that could be. So I thought I would give you some ideas of places you might take a look at for some fun and unique gifts.

Disclaimer: This list contains affiliate links which means that if you click and purchase

I could make a commission that could help me purchase some great gifts!

1. Want some art prints? Maybe a new tote bag? How about some cool pillows? The first place to check out for those types of items would be of course, one of my two stores . Yea, go check them out!

At you can find some great art prints, tote bags, comforters, coffee mugs and some other really fun things.

Don’t forget to check out my store at where you can find more art prints, pillows, tiles, coffee mugs and oh so much more!

2. Do you have a friend or family member that is a wanna be writer or website owner? If so you just gotta check out Ash Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project. Yea, she tells it like it is and can teach you, your friend or family member to do the same. What a great gift that would be!

3. Books, books, books and yes even more books can be found on Amazon of course. Most of us have a booklover on our gift list whether that person is a young toddler, of school age, or of the older generation. There is something for everyone – including maybe yourself!

Admit it…Dr. Suess has been a favorite with kids and parents for oh so many years.

While Harper Lee has always been thought of as an author of just one book we now know that isn’t necessarily true. Her first book, Set a Watchman Free would make a wonderful gift for the reader on your list.

Is there someone on your list (or perhaps yourself) who is dying to become more creative or live a much more fulfilled life? Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert just might be the right book.



4. Maybe you have a few kids to give some fun things to. Or a few adult friends or family that enjoy playing games. Check these out.

Hey that is a pretty good beginning don’t you think? Truly there is something for everyone on this list. Tote bags, pillows, art prints, coffee mugs, books…seriously what more do you need to at least get started?

Joyfully yours,

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